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"I have been a member Meadows Spa for 20 years and have enjoyed every minute of it. I had osteo-arthritis as a younger person and was advised to join a gym. I had been going to other gyms before Meadows Spa, but none have been as comfortable.I have also made very close relationships with some of the ladies and that has added pleasure. We socialize and have very good laughs together and not to forget the lunches. That not only helps me stay fit but keeps me busy too." - Irene Biagi

"My time at Meadows Spa has been very pleasant and rewarding. There is plenty to do to try to help you keep fit. The staff is always pleasant and helpful. Also, I have made some very nice friends. Looking forward to visiting the Spa for many years." - 

" I have been a member of Meadows Spa since 1995. I've worked out most of my adult life - starting at the 92nd St. Y, NY Sports & Racquet, Bally's & most recently at Meadows Spa. Upon moving to Queens, I sought a gym that I could use on weekends. Not only did I find a gym but a number of wonderful friends. The Spa has a sense of family unlike any other facility I've been a member of. Classes and  instructors have been excellent. The diverse age range of women - Motivational." - Brenda Antreassian

"Meadows Spa is a blessing for me. It has added years to my life, physically, emotionally, and structurally. The atmosphere is warm and friendly. I have been a member for 22 years and hope to continue. I am the oldest person here. (97 years old)" - Sylvia Fine

"I have been a member of the Spa for the past 20 years. Ever sinve I joined, I must say I have met the most wonderful group pf ladies. I get together for lunch sometimes with some of them after a workout. We celebrate birthdays and holidays together. Some have passed away. All of them I have missed, but always new members join and I still keep meeting new ladies that for some reason are so friendly. I look forward to coming every day I possibly can. It gives me an extra boost of energy. I really miss it when I am not able to come due to other commitments." - Grace Zambito

"The classes and instructors are Great, and the fact it is all women is very relaxing. The gym has been around for almost 50 years and it is going through a major renovation, I am soo excited to be a member here." - Maria

"The club is a hidden gem just for women to exercise, relax and socialize. We feel like one big family, and for women who just come and go it has everything you could want or need. " -  Lisa

My name is Caterina and I have been at Meadows Spa for over 40 years. I love that it is an all women facility which provides a relaxing, non-competitive and warm environment. It is difficult for me to select which of the classes are my favorite because each have a motivated, enthusiastic and challenging instructor.

Dear Laura, Miriam & Staff,

Thanks for being such a big part of my life for the past 20 years. I have made many long-lasting friendships at the gym. While it has certainly been a challenge, the benefits have made me a stronger woman, both physically and mentally. I've got some wonderful memories of your step classes Laura and of Miriam's Zumba. I look forward to spending many more years with you all.

Joan Hochberg